What is relay mail

Relay mail generates an email alias to keep its real email address out of spam lists and away from dubious businesses. The service acts as a post office box for your physical address. When a form requires your email address, but you'd rather not share it, Tempemailco Relay lets you create an alias . Tempemailco Relay then redirects emails from the alias to your real inbox, keeping its real email address hidden .

Recently facebook reported a data breach of more than million users just from the USA. These data contains user's name, addresses and email id .

Have you we ever thought, had we been so concerned if it was just an email id breaches ? I think no, we got concerned because they have not only our primary emailId but also an address .

Based on a multiple research, we have found out that the most of the data breaches happens from social media accounts and vpn's and several new food apps. so, how do we solve this. I think we have partially solved it already, by using temp mail websites.

Question is why don't we just start using temp mail for signup everywhere, and the problem with temp mail is once we lost the access after certain time we won't have an access to the same email id. That's where relay mail comes.

We have a thousands of premium domains, which is completely free for users to relay.

What if I send an attachment?

Please note that attachments over 150 Kb are not supported for the moment and will not be transferred. Your email will be transferred successfully, but without its attachment.

What if a Relay alias is compromised?

If you are using an email alias with tempemailco Relay and a data leak occurs, you can avoid compromising the security of your email address. You can deactivate or delete the alias for this . Your primary email address is then protected.

Create a new alias

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