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Keep your mailbox clean, safe, and secure with us. Tempmailco provides you with a temporary, secure, anonymous, disposable email address, and inbox. And the best part? It’s absolutely FREE!


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Temporary Email - Best Assistant tool for The Developer

Developers need to test components like timely newsletter, credential mails, authentication mails, OTPs, etc. Generally, developers don’t use their personal emails because they have limitations against spamming and mass emails.

How to Stay Anonymous on the Internet

Email is considered the backbone of a person’s online presence. It can completely expose a person if it gets in wrong hands. Temp Mail is an alternative for your personal/professional email, which can get your work done without compromising your privacy.

Avoid Threat Email with Temp Email

An average internet user signups on many platforms every day. Most platforms have guidelines or password policies to enhance security, but is that enough?

  • About TempEmailCo

    TempEmailCo is one of the leading sites that provide disposable email services. You get a custom temporary inbox from millions of email addresses. TempEmailCo is used by many users to maintain their anonymity, prevent unnecessary spams, read blogs, and for software testing. We ensure the best services to our users to enable them to maintain online security. TempEmailCo has served many satisfied users and will continue to do so in the coming future.

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    What is Disposable Temporary Email?

    A Disposable email - email is a temporary mail address that automatically clears itself at regular time intervals. Most of the time, temporary disposable email services are completely anonymous and require no registration. You can use any email address of your choice to avail this service. Whether you want to view the restricted content of a blog, get the download link to a file, or register yourself for a service, you should definitely consider using TempEmailCo.Essentially all words like temporary mail, trash mail, temp mail, temp email mean the same.

  • Where can you use Desposable/Temporary Email

    Whether you want to view the restricted content of a blog, get the download link to a file, or register yourself for a service, you should definitely consider using TempEmailCo. Essentially all words like temporary mail, trash mail, temp mail, temp email mean the same.

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    Why Choose Us?

    Besides saving you from irritating spams, disposable emails also protect your online privacy. In the case of temporary email services such as TempEmailCo, you don’t have to register or shell out a single buck. Not only this, but also you can use it without even giving your name! This reduces the chances of identity theft and hacking to a large extent

    According to a survey conducted back in 2016, almost 90% of cyber crimes on emails were intended for spying or financial frauds. The hackers can easily track down your personal email id via social engineering and insert malwares. However, if you use temporary emails for general communication, it is not possible because:

    You can customize your temporary email address and give it to selected individuals.

    Generally, disposable email addresses aren’t used in social media profiles or CVs. Therefore, it becomes very difficult to retrieve them.

    You remain completely anonymous. There are very minute chances for someone to identify you.

    Lastly, these emails will be erased after some time. The conversation can’t be traced back to you at any cost.

    Furthermore, cybersecurity experts also assert that we should minimize our digital footprint. That is why you should definitely use TempEmailCo to protect your online identity.

  • Advantages of TempEmailCo

    You can avail a plethora of advantages by using disposable email. Have a look at them!

    Instant Use TempEmailCo understands the famous saying - ‘a stitch in time, saves nine’. You can start using a disposable email inbox right after entering your desired email address. This takes less than a minute.

    No Authentication Temporary emails have eradicated the concept of entering personal credentials every time to log in to a mailbox. This is very handy when you’re operating a public computer. You should not login or provide your personal information to anybody. Disposable email services solve this problem.

    Perfect for VPNs These days, privacy is a major concern for many people. What is the point of using a paid VPN if you’re using your personal email ID to use certain services? It destroys the whole point of privacy. To ensure complete anonymity, you should use disposable emails alongside VPN.

    Millions of Inboxes You get to choose your email address from millions of inboxes. Furthermore, there’s no system of restriction or the requirement of uniqueness. Therefore, you can use an inbox without having to wait for others to vacate it.