Temp mail : essential tool for every one



You go to an online e-commerce site. You see different coupons available for first-time users, but alas you have already used them when you ordered your first order from the site.

What do you do to get the discount again?

You create a new account with a new e-mail id. Sounds EASY but is NOT. Creating an E-mail id takes up your time and involves too much form-filling and providing details.

Instead, we invite you to try tempemailco.com

A site that provides you with a temporary email-id and an inbox absolute hassle-free.



You get to an interesting website. You liked the freely available content on it. But to access more content, they ask you to sign-up.

You are reluctant of sharing your personal information.

Now, if only you had a temporary email readily available.

Enter tempmailco.com

The site allows you to create temporary email-id and provides an inbox for all your temporary needs. No need for commitment with tempmailco.com


Want to sign up on a forum to discuss theories about your favorite shows? But scared your mail-id might get traced and you could be classified as a nerd?

We have got you covered with tempemailco.com

Create as many fan-accounts as you can with the plethora of email addresses that tempemailco.com provides. And see if you could get a few more signatures on the petition to remake Game of Thrones’ last season.


Your favorite pop-star has released a much-awaited album. And you can’t wait to promote it on twitter but are not comfortable with using your account.

Create a new account by using our tempemailco.com mail’id.

And promote your favorite star and help them top all the charts.








Why anonymity is required?


News of privacy breaches and stealing of data from different companies are a recurring section of news.

Sometimes hackers might even invade your privacy and have all the access to all your doings on the internet and collect your internet footprints.

Anonymity helps you to be hidden on the internet.

Most of the people use VPN to ensure anonymity, but what’s the point if you are using your own e-mail id.

Get started on tempemailco.com. A site which provides you with temporary e-mail id. And start surfing on the internet without the fear of being snooped upon.


Threat E-mails.


This is an example of what a threat e-mail looks like.

Insert the picture

Usually we ignore these kind of mails because they don’t have any validating facts. But this e-mail is a genuine threat as the criminal knows the password of the user. It usually happens when the data breach has taken place from a website that you signed up for.

Tempemailco.com provides commitment free temporary emails which you can discard at anytime and can’t be traced to your original mail id’s or your contacts.