Avoid threat email with temp mail

Yesterday A friend called me at 4 AM and said that he is screwed.

After discussing everything,  It took us a while to understand what happened with my friend.

We have decided to share the story with the world, and how to deal with the situation at hand.

so my friend received an email from some unknown person 

we had received 100's of email like this in past,  then why was this email looked so legitimate and my friend got scared.

The reason is the password used in this email, is the password which my friend used on various social media platforms.

An average internet user signups on many platforms every day.

Most platforms have guidelines or password policies to enhance security, but is that enough?

Many of these websites are vulnerable to hacking and hackers gets access to our email and password.

This is where they start they start sending these emails.

To avoid such a threat email, we should use temp mail service to signup on all these platforms.

with temp mail service, hackers would never find out your personal email and your hacked password becomes useless for them.